Convertible 2013 Dodge Challenger Is Fugly

Steven Symes
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And it’s for sale – lucky you…

When it comes to the modern pony cars or muscle cars – we can debate all day long about which is correct – I find the aesthetics of the Dodge Challenger to be the most pleasing. While the S550 Mustang comes close, the Challenger really nails that balance of retro and modern styling without looking completely ridiculous. That’s true except when someone decides to chop the roof off and add some other questionable details. Now you can inherit this rolling eyesore for an equally obnoxious amount.

Soothe your eyes with this beautiful 1970 Dodge Challenger here.

With any convertible, the interior styling becomes infinitely more important versus in a hardtop. Whoever customized this Mopar understood that so they went for red over red. That looks great in a select few cars and the Challenger isn’t one of them. It looks all sorts of wrong, like a giant cow intestine on wheels.

photo credit: BuySell Auto Mart
photo credit: BuySell Auto Mart

Speaking of wheels, those are red as well. Why? I don’t know, but throwing even more red on this car just makes me nauseous. The trunk is also red plus there are extra speakers for entertaining the crowd at the local street takeover. There’s even some red under the hood, just in case that wasn’t enough red stuff for your red fetish.

All that red might draw your eye away from the fact this Dodge Challenger wears a custom widebody kit which pushes those rear fenders out a good amount. It actually goes great with the red overkill. As for the convertible roof, it kind of reminds me of a fat guy with a flattop haircut.

photo credit: BuySell Auto Mart
photo credit: BuySell Auto Mart

Thankfully, someone did this to a Challenger R/T and not a Hellcat or something more heinous like that. Still, at an asking price of $72,000 OBO seems a little steep, but this car was featured in a magazine last year so it’s a celebrity, at least that’s what the dealer wants you to believe as you write the check.

Would you go for this very red Mopar?

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