Cop Barks Like A Dog To Fool Car Thieves

Cop Barks Like A Dog To Fool Car Thieves
Cop Barks Like A Dog To Fool Car Thieves

Yes, this is real.

Never before have we seen a law enforcement officer bark like a dog to get some suspects to surrender, but that’s exactly what happened in University Place, Washington back on August 18. The bodycam footage of this incident has surfaced and as you might expect, it’s hilarious.

See the puppies and Dodge Challenger recently stolen in a home invasion robbery here.

Everything started with deputies responding to a call about a stolen Kia. When a sergeant arrives, he’s able to successfully use Stop Sticks on the slow-moving getaway car, which suddenly accelerates and drives right over the tire deflators, puncturing all four.

Still, the getaway driver speeds off and apparently these cops can’t pursue the suspects because of policy, but the stolen Kia doesn’t make it far. It was abandoned, still running, on the side of the road. After searching the area, deputies found a hole in a nearby fence, leading into a wooded ravine with a creek in the bottom.


A deputy saw two of the suspects trying to hide down by the creek, admittedly not very well. After announcing that he was law enforcement, the deputy yells out, “Don’t make us release our K9!” Then he starts barking like an excited dog.

Maybe it’s because we know it’s just a deputy making the noise, but it doesn’t sound all that authentic to us. However, it was convincing enough for all four juvenile suspects to climb up to where deputies were waiting.

A lot of criminals hate having a dog released on them and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Also, a lot of criminals are pretty dumb.

Then the deputies laughed and laughed about this afterward, because it’s genuinely hilarious such a stupid trick worked.

One detail a lot of people are missing: you can see at the beginning of the video the sergeant has both a Superman and Batman figure mounted on his dashboard. We’ve never seen or even heard of such a thing before, but that shows you this guy is unusual and probably a lot of fun at parties. This seems like a truly interesting law enforcement department.