Cops Deploy Stop Stick On Fleeing Dodge Hellcat

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Cops Deploy Stop Stick On Fleeing Dodge Hellcat
Cops Deploy Stop Stick On Fleeing Dodge Hellcat

Yeah, that certainly did the trick!

While law enforcement has a number of ways to bring a pursuit to an end, one that’s growing in popularity is the Stop Stick. In use for over 25 years, they’ve been credited for bringing car chases to a resolution with lower risk to officers and members of the public than PIT maneuvers and other methods. You’re about to see a video where a successful deployment of a stop stick does just that as two suspects in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat lead Ohio State Police on a high-speed pursuit.

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The trooper who deploys the Stop Stick uses his car to block off the lanes on one half of a road not too far from an intersection. That allows him to control where the fleeing Hellcat driver goes, ensuring better success with the Stop Stick.

As they’re trained, the trooper stands behind cover, in this case the rail on the side of the road. Law enforcement does this just in case the suspect decides to hit them with their car. Sadly, that’s a real risk as people feel desperate to get away.

After telling a civilian to turn around before and leave the area before the suspect comes flying through, the trooper pulls the Stop Stick into the path of the Hellcat at the last moment. While the device looks fairly benign, what you don’t see underneath the soft cover is a plastic housing over Teflon-coated quills which are hollow, allowing the air in the tires to escape in a more controlled manner so there isn’t a blowout.

What’s more, the design eliminates the risk of debris left in the road, that way civilians don’t drive through after the fact and suffer tire failure as well.

You can see in the video the suspects make it a fair distance before realizing the tires on the Hellcat are done for. Leaving it in the entrance to a casino, they both take off on foot. You see the one is trying to walk casually through the mostly empty parking lot in an attempt to not stick out. Troopers aren’t the least bit fooled by his act. Check out the video for yourself.

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