Corvette Assembly Plant Revs Up for 2024 Models Amid High Stakes and Anticipation

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As Production for the Record-Setting 2023 Corvettes Winds Down, All Eyes Turn to the Next Generation of America's Favorite Sports Car.

The atmosphere is electric at the Corvette Assembly Plant, as the team prepares for a significant transition. Initially slated to commence the production of the 2024 models on September 11th, the factory has yet to make the switch, sparking questions and curiosity industry-wide.

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Today, insiders have put the speculation to rest: Production of the 2024 Corvette models is set to begin this week, indicating that the transition is indeed underway. While it was thought that ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) union negotiations might delay the production timeline, the team is forging ahead with its plans.


This year's transition isn't just another annual rollover. The stakes have never been higher. Harlan Charles recently unveiled a figure that turned heads at the National Corvette Museum (NCM) Anniversary Show: 53,448 units of the 2023 Corvette have been produced. While the exact final number is yet to be confirmed, it's clear that 2023 is a year that will be etched in gold in Corvette’s storied history.

That's because the 2023 production run is tantalizingly close to breaking a long-standing record. In 1979, the St. Louis assembly plant rolled out 53,807 Corvettes, setting an industry milestone that has gone unchallenged for decades. With these extra production days for the 2023 models, could we be on the verge of seeing a new record set?

The significance of the 2023 model isn't just in the numbers; it's also in the milestones. This was the year that saw the birth of the new Z06, a car that has already captured the hearts and minds of enthusiasts. It also marked the 70th Anniversary of the car that has long been dubbed America’s Favorite Sports Car.

And while the assembly line gears up for the 2024 models, the shipping and delivery of completed 2023 Corvettes continue uninterrupted. NCM R8C deliveries are proceeding smoothly, a testament to the plant's commitment to excellence amid internal negotiations and transitions.

As the assembly line prepares for the 2024 models, the automotive world watches with bated breath. What will the final count for the 2023 models be? What innovations and surprises will the 2024 lineup bring? These questions will be answered in the coming days, making this a pivotal moment in the rich tapestry that is Corvette history.

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