Costco, Aldi, and Walmart Shoppers All Have One Thing In Common—These Grocery Bags

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And they’re over 30% off.

<p>AllRecipes / Tyler Roeland</p>

AllRecipes / Tyler Roeland

If you’re not bringing your own bags to the grocery store, you really should be. Not only will it save you money in many places, but it’s good for the environment. Beyond that though, it can even make grocery shopping easier.

Don’t believe me? Over 4,900 Amazon shoppers have started using these bags as their go-tos when buying groceries. And right now, you can grab a pack of three while it’s 32% off at Amazon.



Buy it: $21 (was $30); Amazon

These might look like regular tote bags, but they’re far from it. They’re made with a non-woven fabric, and importantly have a water-resistant coating applied. This makes it easy to clean them if something spills, and they’ll dry in seconds, too.

But beyond their water-resistant material, they are also studier than you might expect. The bottom is completely flat, making it great for storing in a grocery cart, and their stiff sides won’t sag down, either. They are almost like boxes that are comfortable to carry: You can easily slide them from your cart to your trunk, maximizing your storage space with ease.

The bags hold up to 30 pounds, according to the brand, and they come with handles and shoulder straps that are secured with metal rivets for extra strength. About three of them can fit in a standard grocery cart — perfect, since these are sold in packs of three.

These bags have over 4,900 perfect ratings at Amazon thanks to their space-saving design, versatility, and how easy they are to clean. One shopper who has used these at Costco writes, “The hard bottom easily folded up or down to collapse/expand the bag makes it super compatible for using right inside the shopping cart,” adding that “they seem sturdy enough and hold quite a bit.”

Another shopper loves these bags, noting that they “can fit three of these in a grocery cart from Walmart,” while another appreciates how easy it is to wipe down after using them. A final customer even bought two packs of these for shopping at Aldi, where they don’t provide bags. “They held my entire huge grocery trip,” they write.

Not only will you never forget these bags at home or in your trunk, but they’ll even make shopping for groceries easier. Grab a pack of three for just $21 today.

At the time of publishing, the price was at $21.