You Could Buy the World's Fastest RV for $95,000

Photo:  Facebook Marketplace
Photo: Facebook Marketplace

Who doesn’t love a family vacation? You pack the kids into the family truckster, plan a route to a tourist trap five states away, and set off into parts unknown, hopping between hotels and motels on the way. Of course, the erudite approach is to skip the truckster and the accommodations and roll them into one — the vaunted Recreational Vehicle. But RVs are slow, cumbersome, inconvenient. Right?

In case you missed it:

Well, not all of them. This 1977 GMC motorhome can top 120 miles per hour in a straight line, provided you’ve got the room to let its nitrous-injected 700 horsepower V8 punch that squared-off body through the air. Oh, and you can buy it right now for $95,000.

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Worlds Fastest Class A Motorhome (RV) 122.156 MPH at the Bonneville Salt Flats August 15, 2016

It may not be the quickest vehicle off the line, but it claims to be the fastest Class A motorhome in the world. That speed isn’t easy to get — the RV has been modified from tip to tail for its purpose. Aero mods, new suspension and drivetrain, upgraded brakes, even the interior’s been stripped out and replaced with race seats. Oh, and did I mention it has a roll cage?

You could argue that, since the home parts of this motorhome have been sacrificed at the altar of lightness, it’s no longer really a motorhome. I, however, would argue that going over 120 at Bonneville counts as recreation — making this still a recreational vehicle. Does this line of thinking also make a motorcycle an RV? Yes, but I’m sticking to my guns here.

If you’re interested in the world’s fastest RV, it’s up for sale right now on Facebook Marketplace. The seller’s asking $95,000, which actually isn’t a bad price for an RV — they can go for quadruple that new. So what do you say? Want to make that next road trip in record time?

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