Craft Beer Truck Stolen And Recovered In Spokane

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Craft Beer Truck Stolen And Recovered In Spokane
Craft Beer Truck Stolen And Recovered In Spokane

At this point we don’t know how anyone can fool themselves into believing car theft isn’t the new national pandemic. Many metropolitan areas have seen double digit and in some cases triple digit increases in stolen cars year-over-year for the past few years. Many shops have a backlog of repairs from recovered vehicles and some insurance companies won’t offer full coverage for certain makes and models.

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Businesses are feeling the pinch every bit as much as private citizens. Thieves have targeted commercial vehicles, including someone in Spokane, Washington stealing a craft beer truck. From the photo you can see it’s not one of those box delivery trucks at least but instead is a pickup used for marketing.

A single mother found the No-Li Brewhouse’s “Big Juicy” truck while she was on a shopping trip at the Spokane Valley Mall, only the old Ford F-150 is in poor shape, reports KHQ. That mother hopes to use the $1,000 reward money to buy something nice for her daughter’s birthday.

Whoever stole the truck had a real mean streak about them because they vandalized it in what seems to be a really personal way. If we were the police, we’d be looking at the brewhouse’s scorned lovers or ex-employees.

You can see the person spent time using spray paint to cover all the logos applied to the truck. Either they hate IPA worse than the average person or they have some sort of bone to pick with the brewery. It doesn’t seem like they stole the truck for money or else why would they have just dropped it in a mall parking lot like that?

In a Facebook post, the brewery said the police made an arrest but didn’t disclose who it was. Maybe they did look at past lovers and that led them to the culprit? A suspect was caught on surveillance cameras and the brewery shared a screen cap of that. The guy is carrying a utility box and has on dark clothing, including a hat. We’re assuming that’s who police arrested.

The owner of the brewery is probably taking the theft and vandalization of the truck personally. He told KHQ that it originally belonged to his father. Now it’s a bit of a mess but hopefully will be restored to its former glory.

Images via No-Li Brewhouse