Custom 1960 DiDia 150 'Dream Car' Is A Hand-Built Icon

Amie Williams
This Custom 1960 DiDia 150 'Dream Car' Is A Hand-Built Icon

This futuristic gem held the title for msot expensive "custom-made" car in the Guiness Book of World Records.

The 1960 DiDia 150 is a one-off gem that was way ahead of its time. Completely built by hand, this custom classic was given intricate details along with futuristic styling. Andrew Di Dia, a well-known men's clothier, was the mastermind behind this "Dream Boat" design that he started in 1953. From start to finish, the DiDia took a full 7 years to complete.

This Custom 1960 DiDia 150 'Dream Car' Is A Hand-Built Icon

Photo: Historic Vehicle Association 

Not only was the process lengthy, but it was also expensive. In fact, the DiDia held the title for most expensive "custom-made" car in the Guinness Book of World Records. A total of $93,647 was paid to perform the labor back in 1960, and that equals out to exactly $757,115 today.

Although Andrew was the original creator and first owner of this flamboyant classic, most people tend to associate the car with its second owner, Bobby Darin, the late famous singer and actor. 

The DiDia was originally built by Ron Clark and Bob Kaiser of Clarkasier Custom Shop, the first ever custom auto shop in Michigan. Gleaming in a metallic red, the body of the DiDia made of aluminum. During the course of those 7 years, not a single power tool was used on the car. Everything was hammered by hand, even the complex compound curves. 

Originally stuffed inside the engine bay was a 365cui V8 Cadillac engine, but eventually a high-performance Ford 427cui V8 big block was dropped in the engine bay.The interior of the car was also completely custom fabricated, everything except the bucket seats and steering wheel. Even the Pontiac bucket seats were modified with bronze leather trim and fabric to match. Four recessed gauges can be found in the dashboard, and a control panel houses six levers to control the lights, wipers, transmission, etc.