Your Daily MomScope for November 25, 2021

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It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


Your social life hits the fast track today. You'll likely issue some get-together invitations, just as others roll in! If you need to enlist some assistance it will be forthcoming -- even your tyke might lend a hand!


Step out of your usual circle and you'll experience a day of pleasant surprises. Why not accept a social invitation (or two) from another mom you don't usually associate with? New experiences refresh your spirit today.


You could radically change your social life today. Accept all invitations and get out and mingle. Just make sure to save time for your other half. The conversation may be intellectual but the feeling will be romantic.


It's a tossup whether intellect or emotion will be a better strategy with your little one today. You might counter a big temper tantrum, with a reasonable, rational response. Or you might have a tantrum yourself. It's best to keep them guessing!


Why did the banana leave the theater? The play had no a-peel! Today, let your little one set the stage and you'll like how this day plays out. The plot takes many twists and turns, most of them pleasant, and might involve a puppet show or two.

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Your little one needs to take greater control of their environment. Encourage them to spend time reorganizing their toys and games and books. It's important they do it their way, even though it would be so much faster if you took the job in hand.


This is a good day to get together with some other moms at playgroup or Mommy and Me class. You'll all enjoy some grownup talk while watching the babies play, and the chance to catch up about this and that or nothing at all!


What do sneezes wear on their feet? Ah-shoes! You may roll your eyes, but some older family member or neighbor might appreciate hearing your little one's groaners. This would be a good day to brighten the day of an elderly person.


You may be amazed at how much your little ones can comprehend new ideas. Let them join that discussion group at day care or the local library. Their minds are like sponges, soaking it all up for future application.


What do you call a baseball playing crab? A pinch hitter! Today, you may have to fill in for someone at work when things don't go as planned. But a casual conversation could help you refine your future vision. Listen up and learn something new.


Share the excitement. Make your pitch at work, and others will listen and be affected. Talk up the virtues of Brussels sprouts, and your little one might give them a try. What you say is not as important as how you present it today.


Stuff happens to all -- good and bad. So don't worry if everything doesn't always go the way your little tyke would like. There are times when they might face setbacks. The key is to help them move on.

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