Dealership Takes Customer's Corvette On A Joyride

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Imagine seeing your own car flying down the road without you.

When John Parrish of Burlington handed over s to his 2016 Corvette Z06 for some scheduled maintenance at Modern Chevrolet, he had every reason to trust that his prized possession would be in capable hands. Little did he know, his car was going to hit the streets again—only not with him behind the wheel.

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Imagine Parrish's astonishment when he reviewed the footage from his car's dashcam and found his Corvette had been transformed into a joyride vehicle, not just once but twice! The shock wasn't just the unauthorized high-speed jaunts; it was also who had taken his car out for these thrill-seeking spins—employees of the dealership.


"No laws were technically broken," Parrish noted. "I got the vehicle back. It wasn't wrecked or stolen." However, he couldn't shake off the disrespect he felt. "This car isn't some beater; I've worked hard to afford it. To see someone use it like their personal amusement park ride when they were only supposed to fix a minor issue is downright disheartening."

To add salt to the wound, the dashcam footage revealed another layer of audacity—one of the employees was even seen picking up a female companion for the unauthorized adventure.

When reached for a comment, the General Manager of Modern Chevrolet stated that they were "aware of the video" and had "taken prompt and appropriate corrective action" after a thorough investigation. Parrish reported that the 'corrective action' was limited to replacing a part the staff had damaged during one of these escapades—a gesture the dealer felt was "above and beyond" what was required.

Unsurprisingly, Parrish remains unsatisfied with the resolution. "Replacing a part they themselves damaged doesn't really feel like going 'above and beyond' to me," he said. Though no longer nursing fears of his Corvette being taken on more illicit expeditions, Parrish can't help but feel a sense of betrayal.

Trust is a fragile thing. In handing over the keys to a vehicle as prestigious as a Corvette Z06, the assumption is that the dealership—supposed experts in car care—will respect that trust. This incident serves as a cautionary tale about what can go awry when professional boundaries are breached. It also underlines the importance of accountability mechanisms, like dashcams, in an age when, sadly, even those assumed to be trustworthy might not respect the privilege of care entrusted to them.

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