Deportation officer accused of 'continuously abusing' mother of child

The DA's office said when she would scream for help, he told her that if the police came, he would kill her, their 1-year-old son and he would kill himself.

Video Transcript

MARLA CARTER: 35-year-old deportation officer Joseph Pulido faces disturbing allegations of continuous abuse.

MATTHEW MAGILL: --that it has been a continuous and ongoing incident here, in particular, the pattern, I think, that we see emerge.

MARLA CARTER: Court records say in the most recent case, which happened just days ago at their home, he began yelling at the victim and then used an open hand to strike her several times across the face and upper torso.

MATTHEW MAGILL: When she went to scream for help, that if the police came, he would kill her. He'd kill their one-year-old son, and he would then kill himself as well.

MARLA CARTER: She ultimately was able to leave the home and reported the incident to deputies at the hospital. She also disclosed another incident of alleged abuse in March.

MATTHEW MAGILL: The March incident and the June incident are relatively similar in that he restricted her ability to leave their home, and he told her that if she called for help, that there would be consequences.

- Joseph Pulido is charged with continuous violence against the family.

MARLA CARTER: Pulido first appeared before a judge yesterday, where they discussed his time as an officer.

- Mr. Pulido has been working as a deportation officer for the past six years.

MARLA CARTER: We reached out to ICE for comments concerning the deportation officer and the status of his employment. They said they do not comment on personnel matters. As for prosecutors, they are working to end the cycle of violence.

MATTHEW MAGILL: It takes a lot of courage to come forward then and allege something against someone that you've loved at a point in time and start the process. It does take a lot of bravery to do that.