Despite Earlier Failure, The Fisker Flippers Will Not Be Deterred

2023 Fisker Ocean One
2023 Fisker Ocean One

Back in September, the owner of a Fisker Ocean One listed it on Cars & Bids with a reserve. We don’t know what that reserve was, but it’s safe to say it was pretty high because even though bidding got up to $65,000, it still didn’t sell, and they weren’t able to close a deal after the auction ended. You’d think that would be a cautionary tale for future Fisker flippers, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Another Ocean One has now appeared on Cars & Bids, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a reserve on this one, too.

Unlike the previous Ocean One, which had actually been driven, this One is listed with 100 miles on the odometer. It’s possible we missed the interior photo that shows the actual mileage, but we’d be surprised if it’s actually been driven that far. This thing may as well be fresh off the production line. Just don’t call this a flip. It’s totally not a flip. Nope, not at all. According to the seller, it’s actually very different:

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