Dirt Bike Rider Successfully Ditches Arkansas Troopers

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Dirt Bike Rider Successfully Ditches Arkansas Troopers
Dirt Bike Rider Successfully Ditches Arkansas Troopers

It can be done, but we don’t recommend doing it.

We don’t recommend running from the police since eventually that kind of behavior catches up with you. And while a guy who was caught popping a wheelie on an unregistered dirt bike in Arkansas was able to successfully get away from six state troopers pursuing him, sooner or later habits like that will be his downfall.

Fatal Maryland police chase was completely unnecessary.

Dashcam footage uploaded to YouTube shows the chaotic scene as Arkansas State Police pursues the dirt bike. This highlights an important principle: vehicle choice is key when running from the cops. While not the fastest option, a dirt bike is highly maneuverable and can go where even a lot of regular street motorcycles can’t, giving it a huge advantage in the right area.

Before he popped the wheelie and maybe before he saw the first trooper, the guy was swerving around on the road just having a great time. But when the trooper whipped around to give chase, this guy had zero intention of doing the right thing.

Instead, he immediately seems to understand his advantages with the dirt bike, making us wonder if he’s run from the cops in the past. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out he not only has active warrants but has been incarcerated before.

The guy hops a curb and goes through a parking lot, the first of many smooth moves he knows police can’t mimic in their larger, more cumbersome vehicles. With a dirt bike, you can lane split and get through standstill traffic, go into otherwise dead end areas and escape through a footpath, and of course go over rough terrain even Jeep Wranglers would struggle to traverse.

Still, troopers could’ve just mowed him down or done a brutal PIT a few times in this chase. The suspect is lucky they didn’t because he might not have walked away from that or anything else.

They say you might be able to outrun a police officer but you can’t outrun the radio. But with ASP swarming the area with six troopers, this guy does indeed slip away. Since he doesn’t have to stick to the well-mapped roads he can go where law enforcement can’t lock down. But, we don’t recommend doing this sort of thing. This guy will be looking over his shoulder for some time after this, if he isn’t already because of active warrants. Running from the police, successfully or not, does come with consequences.