Discount Ice Cube Runs From Police In A Jeep Renegade

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Discount Ice Cube Runs From Police In A Jeep Renegade
Discount Ice Cube Runs From Police In A Jeep Renegade

Just like the real deal, this discount Ice Cube someone ordered off Temu just won’t give up. He’s in possibly the worst modern Jeep (maybe the worst Jeep ever) and using the little thing to run from police in Arkansas. The video is just unreal.

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Before the video starts, local police in Lowell started the chase and requested assistance from the sheriff’s department and Arkansas State Police. Our camera car is an ASP unit, so we see the trooper’s perspective as he jumps in midway.

Not surprisingly, the chase is low speed at first. After all, the Renegade is a gutless wonder, so to get it up to any decent velocity takes time and plenty of open road.


This allows police to pin the Jeep and the chase looks like it’s over before we get to see much of anything. But discount Ice Cube has a few tricks up his sleeve, including showing zero emotion on his face and reversing up the shoulder, taking the Renegade off-roading.

From there we’re treated to almost hilarious chase footage of police trying to snake around a parking lot, chase the suspect as he crosses an empty lot, etc.

Some commenters on the video seem to think police should’ve pitted the Jeep against a tree and that would’ve ended things. Armchair quarterbacking is tough stuff, so don’t be too critical of their informed opinions.

Back to the chase: the little shoebox Jeep is smoking and looks pretty battered after getting pitted a few times and actually touching dirt. All it takes is the trooper pitting it a few more times in rapid succession, beating the snot out of the little Renegade for the chase to finally end.

The Ice Cube someone ordered from Wish resists arrest vehemently because the man doesn’t quit, no matter what.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube