Dodge Charger Owner Accused Of Insurance Fraud

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Don’t do this…

According to Fox 2 in Detroit, Dearborn police are accusing the owner of a Dodge Charger of lying about being carjacked so he could in turn file a false claim with his insurance carrier. With carjackings so common, especially in areas like the Detroit metro, it’s understandable why anyone without moral boundaries would think spinning such a tale would be easy. But the thing is many police officers are good at picking apart stories which don’t add up.

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The incident in question happened back on the night of April 13 when 21-year-old Hussein Hazim Hashim Al-Kharsan called police and claimed someone carjacked him at knifepoint. We know what you’re thinking: what is this, England? But the thing is even here in the US some people take cars by force using a knife, maybe even one of those dangerous kitchen assault knives UK authorities are trying to confiscate.

Anyway, the result was the guy claimed this scofflaw with a knife took off with his Dodge Charger. We doubt it was a cool Charger, in fact we suspect it was a V6 because this is just the sort of thing those V6 Charger people would do after telling their friend they totally smoked a C7 Corvette Z06 in a race.

After getting all the information Al-Kharsan could provide, police started investigating the reported crime. In the meantime, the alleged victim reported the theft to his insurance company. For everyone who’s seen their insurance rates skyrocket recently, this should make you pretty upset. And yes, that’s pretty much everyone.

You see, not only are all the car thefts and vandalism helping fuel soaring insurance premiums, so are fraud schemes. So crimes involving insurance fraud are hardly victimless.

Al-Kharsan has been charged with false report of a felony and insurance-fraudulent acts. Just remember, he and everyone else is innocent until proven guilty. But don’t commit insurance fraud, people.

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