This Dodge Dealer Is Still Asking $120,000 Over MSRP For a Challenger Demon 170

challenger demon 170 in showroom
Dealer Asks $120,000 Over MSRP For Demon 170Pedder Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Markups suck for several reasons. As we've pointed out in the past, they harm enthusiasm around cars, degrade trust in automakers, and dealers, and reduce brand loyalty. That's why it's tough to make sense of when a dealer slaps a markup on a car that's worth almost as much as the car itself. But that's exactly what one California dealer is doing.

Pedder Chrysler Dodge Jeep has a 2023 Dodge SRT Demon 170 for sale with an MSRP of $133,431. In addition to that price, Pedder wants its "valued" customers to pay $120,000 for the privilege of buying this car. That's an 89 percent markup on a car that is largely an everyday Challenger with some performance parts on it.

Miguel, who identified himself as a sales manager at the dealer, first told Road & Track on the phone that the car was marked up to only $50,000. When pressed on the matter he admitted, "Yeah, we do have a $100,000-plus markup on it and we sell them all the time for that."

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Pedder Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Miguel continued on from there with his belief on why this markup was warranted.


"Dodge isn't making any more of them so that's why there's a markup. We mark them up as high as we can to get as much as we can."

Perhaps the most surprising thing in all of this is that dealers claim this as a "market adjustment" based on what the Demon 170 (or similar cars) are selling for at the time. Take one quick look at public auction sites though and it's clear, the Demon 170 almost never trades hands anywhere close to $200,000 much less $253,431.

The lesson is easy: Avoid markups since they're bad for everyone but the dealer in question. Also, if you want a Demon 170, we'd recommend not spending $250,000.

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