Dodge Viper Challenger Looks Like It Needs To Be Put Out Of Its Misery

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We’re feeling more than a little nauseous here…

At Motorious we believe in exposing our readers to all kinds of car renderings and allow them to make up their minds about whether they’re great or complete failures. Sometimes, though, we come across a car rendering on social media that’s so bad we have to set aside objectivity as our duty not only as journalists but also as auto enthusiasts. This is one of those times when an artist has just gone too far.

What you see pictured is the fusion of a Dodge Viper and Dodge Challenger. It is the thing that should not be, a mad experiment gone wrong and yet apparently is beloved by its creator. If you find it strangely attractive, you’re probably still a good person, no really, but we advise against admitting so at the next party you attend. That, and you might have a problem with wearing socks with sandals.