Donald Trump Doesn’t Believe In UFOs, But Fighter Pilots Told Him They’re Real

Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP (Getty Images)
Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP (Getty Images)

Campaign season is starting to ramp up and Donald Trump appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive show last week. The former president’s podcast interview with influencer and part-time pro wrestler Logan Paul was meant to rally young voters, but it likely won’t be looked back in the same vein as Bill Clinton playing the saxophone of the Arsenio Hall Show. Trump closed the show by talking about UFOs and whether the government is concealing the existence of aliens.

Seemingly on a whim, Paul nervously asked Trump what he knew about aliens. He answered:

“I’ve met with pilots, like Tom Cruise but taller. Handsome, perfect people. “Sir, there was something there that was round in form and going like four time faster than my super fighter jet plane.” I look at these guys and they really mean it. Am I a believer? No, I can’t say I am. But I have met with people that are serious people that say there are some really strange things they see flying around out there.”


Besides the jab thrown at Tom Cruise, it was awkward to watch. Paul constantly gawked at the camera like a school kid hearing a teacher swear for the first time. In fairness, he asked a very reasonable follow-up question. Didn’t Trump have access to this information as, you know, President of the United States? Trump’s answer was a simple yes, and he circled back to the story about the fighter pilots. It quickly devolved into accusations of government organizations hiding information.

The one thing I’ve learned about Donald Trump in my lifetime is if he’s waffling around instead of giving a straight answer, he probably has zero clue about what he’s discussing. While we can’t definitively prove that aliens don’t exist, that doesn’t mean the higher-than-zero chance is as significant as conspiracy theorists make it out to be.

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