Drive This Motorized Wooden Toboggan And Die Giggling In The Snow Like A Man

Image: Mecum
Image: Mecum

Every once in a while, an auction will catch our eye. Usually, it’s for a four, or at least two, wheeled mode of transportation, but this motorized toboggan from 100 years ago is a worth edition to this week’s coveting.

OK, so first off, riding a toboggan is already dangerous as hell. Take this from a kid with 37 years of midwest winters under her belt; there will be tears, split lips and spilled cocoa. But shooting down a snow-covered hill on a rickety piece of wood strapped to two equally rickety pieces of metal wasn’t enough of a thrill for one of our last century’s youngsters. No, what this little danger-hungry tyke needed was the spice of life that only comes from internal combustion.

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