Drive-by video captures impressive ability of much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck: ‘This is a real beast on the road’

A video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows a Tesla Cybertruck taking off after a red light, and it’s easy to say the long-awaited Cybertruck has plenty of get-up-and-go.

The video, posted by X user Oscar Herrera (@OscarEnjoylife), is captioned: “Cybertruck launches (with a rocket emoji). Aka doing the Cyberlaunch”

At the beginning of the video, right before the Cybertruck blasts off, one person can be heard saying, “Those look so cool.” About 10 seconds later, as the Cybertruck is nearly out of view, another says, “I want a Cybertruck.”

The fact that the Cybertruck takes off so fast shouldn’t come as a surprise. Electric vehicles have been shown time and again to have better acceleration capabilities than the average internal combustion engine vehicle.


The fact that someone in the vehicle recording the Cybertruck wants one? Even less surprising. There are reportedly over 2 million reservations already pledged for the Cybertruck once full production finally begins, and that number only continues to grow.

Those waiting for the Cybertruck may not have to wait much longer. Drone footage recently posted to X shows what the person who posted it says are Cybertruck Master Candidates, the final stage before production. Also, Cybertrucks have reportedly been seen at the homes of some employees, signaling that Tesla has expanded internal testing.

Tesla should be ready to begin production of the Cybertruck this year, with production expected to ramp up in 2024.

Commenters on the post were as impressed as the people who shot the video.

One person commented: “This is a real beast on the road. Don’t get caught speeding once you take delivery of your Cybertruck bros. It’s a monster indeed.”

Another said, “It’s going to take the pick-up market over when it comes out.”

Another commenter posted a video of a Cybertruck taking off a bit slower after a red light, albeit in a more congested area, with the comment, “And it can also do refined gentleman’s launch.”

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