Driver Jailed After Crashing Car at Track Day Then Allegedly Reporting It Stolen

renault megane crash
Track Driver Jailed After Reporting Car StolenPolicia Nacional Interior - YouTube

A Spanish father-son duo has been jailed for fraud after allegedly falsely reporting their Renault Megane stolen after crashing it at a track day, Spanish-language publication Europa Press reports.

The younger of the duo took Renault hatch to a track day at Jarama Circuit, a track just north of Madrid, back in 2021, Europa Press reports. There, he rolled the car with a passenger inside, but both made it out without injuries. Instead of reporting the incident properly, the son allegedly conspired with his father to cover up the incident by reporting the car stolen in a town over four hours north of the track.

The duo's insurance company went as far as to pay the father 12,000 Euros (around $13,000) to cover the damages, says Europa Press. But when the wrecked car never made it back to the firm, the insurance company contacted police. A subsequent investigation unearthed several videos on social media showing the Megane roll several times on track.

It's unclear what happened to the car after the crash, but Europa Press suggests it was sold to a third party for parts. The father and son have been arrested and charged with fraud, though the report doesn't specify what sort of punishment they may face.

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