Drunk Nursing Student Tries Seducing Cop

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Drunk Nursing Student Tries Seducing Cop
Drunk Nursing Student Tries Seducing Cop

We’ve seen a lot of drunk driver arrest videos before, but this admittedly is the first one we’ve seen where the suspect was parked at a police station. That’s right, when the first officer notices this Acura is double parked he also observes the woman inside is slumped over, passed out, right in plain view of a bunch of cops. Things get even weirder from there.

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A lot of people seem to think the one officer already knows this woman named Diana who’s a nursing student. The officer actually admits to it in his report, stated that he is “familiar with (her) from past interactions.”


There’s nothing wrong with that, but some viewers of this bodycam footage believe the officer was actively flirting with Diana. You should watch the video, which is rather long, and judge that for yourself.

What’s obvious is that Diana is trying to flirt with and perhaps even seduce the cop. Everyone can argue about why that might be. Perhaps she thinks he can get her off the hook? Or maybe, as some have suggested, there’s an ongoing relationship between the two?

About that second theory, it would make sense why this woman would drive to the police station while drunk. She even admits to waiting for someone at the station. With her inhibitions lowered by alcohol, perhaps she decided to win the officer back or try to seal the deal and make him her boyfriend? That’s purely speculative, and it could be that was her plan and the officer hadn’t been leading her on, but it sure would make her actions more understandable.

Some women just seem to be drawn to the uniform and authority of a police officer. It’s something cops need to be aware of and take precautions against, otherwise that attention could end up biting them in the end.