Drunk Woman Blames Off-Road Crash On Carjackers

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Drunk Woman Blames Off-Road Crash On Carjackers
Drunk Woman Blames Off-Road Crash On Carjackers

Both from personal and professional experience we know for a fact many drunk people think they’re super clever when in fact they’re the exact opposite. This is why so many times when they crash their vehicle you hear some of the craziest stories as cover for the obvious truth. But an incident in Wyoming is the first time we’ve heard a drunk driver blame their crash on carjackers of all things.

Drunk driver calls 911 to report drunk driver.

Abandoned well off the road in a remote part of Wyoming, people were baffled when someone found the woman’s GMC Yukon. The biggest question was how it got there and why it was just left, posing a serious hazard to the natural surroundings.

Image via Pere Davison/Facebook
Image via Pere Davison/Facebook

As you well know, your vehicle not only has license plates but also VIN tags, making it easy for police to identify the owner. They did and reached out to her, which is when she told a story about being hit over the head, carjacked, then kept inside her SUV as her assailants drove it into the gully, reports Cowboy State Daily.


When you’ve had little kids, you hear all kinds of ridiculous excuses and exaggerated stories. This one sounds like something made up by a four-year-old. After all, why would criminals carjack someone to keep them in the vehicle, then just drive it down into a gully in a remote area and take off?

It turns out the woman called the sheriff’s office to report the supposed carjacking, but deputies saw through the deception and arrested her. Since she was on probation and barred from consuming alcohol, she was hauled off to jail. We bet she thought she was being so clever right before deputies slapped cuffs on her.

Drunks tell the darndest stories and fully expect everyone else to believe them like they’re being so clever.

Images via Pere Davison/Facebook

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