DUI Arrest Footage For Top Republican In Colorado House Drops

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DUI Arrest Footage For Top Republican In Colorado House Drops
DUI Arrest Footage For Top Republican In Colorado House Drops

Mike Lynch, the now-former Minority Leader for the Colorado House of Representative, Mike Lynch, kept a dark secret from his colleagues after he was arrested for DUI back in September 2022. Only recently was this shocking detail along with the footage of his traffic stop and arrest revealed. That triggered his resignation and it’s easy to see why.

Drunk girl arrested for DUI blames everyone else.

First of all, the most glaring sin in this video is the fact the guy has a Ford Mach-E. While we’re joking (drive while intoxicated is far more serious) these wanna-be Mustang all-electric crossover things are deeply offensive to many enthusiasts such as us. Sure, you can buy one and drive it. Hell, you can even enjoy it. But how can someone do that and claim to represent the people in his district? That’s where we draw the line.

In the video, Lynch tries making a deal with the arresting trooper to not tell the media about the incident. Like so many others caught driving under the influence, he tried weaseling out of the full consequences of his actions, even though he told the press later that he teachers his kids that “in life we make decisions, there are consequences, and we have to abide by those consequences.”


Lynch reportedly pled guilty to driving while impaired and ordered to maintain monitored sobriety for 18 months while serving probation. He was carrying a firearm at the time, but that charge was deferred, although he was required to take a handgun safety course and has been barred from possessing firearms for a period.

Somehow Lynch kept this whole incident under wraps for over a year, even after he ascended to Minority Leader after his predecessor tragically died. We don’t get how one would keep such news from the public and perhaps that’s why we’re not politicians.

But wait, it gets even better. As reported by The Denver Post, Lynch resigned as House Minority Leader, but he didn’t resign as a state representative. In other words, he’s still holding public office. On top of that, the guy said he didn’t resign his leadership position because his colleagues were threatening to throw him out. Politicians sure have the gift of being creative with reality.

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