Early Olds 442 Featured at Freije and Freije Auctions October 15th

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This icon of American car culture is ready to hit the road once again!

Oldsmobile is one of those American Automotive brands that hardly anyone thinks about in terms of new vehicles because simply put they don't make new vehicles. Having been discontinued in 2004, the branch of GM which was primarily focused on luxury automobiles sort of faded into the background with their later vehicles not receiving much of any attention from enthusiasts. However vintage will never go out of style as shown by the incredible fan base which surrounds models like the 442 and Cutlass. This particular vehicle is a great example of that as it was built in 1964 and still retains its beautiful style and eye-catching qualities that made it iconic in the first place.

One of the main things that made the car something to be inspired by was actually the name which some have confused for an indicator of engine displacement in the past. In actuality what that name stood for was four-barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, dual-exhaust which seemed to be the perfect performance combination available at the time regardless of what powertrain you had under the hood. With the simple formula the car was able to beat virtually anything else on the road during its time making it one of the most desirable muscle cars of the early 1960s. It accomplished this in many ways but one of the biggest contributors had to have been the engine which is likely in pretty good condition.

Under the hood of this incredible GM muscle car is a 330 cubic inch V8 engine which had a reputation for making around 232-290 horsepower and its prime. The reason that it is likely that the engine is in good condition is the fact that the odometer only reads around 65,000 miles, not a bad challenge for such a tough American muscle car. Nevertheless, there isn't a whole lot of information about this particular model though the vehicle does sport a four-speed manual transmission which keeps it true to its name. With all of this being said, it's easy to see how this may soon be a very desirable automobile on the Classic Automotive Market. So if you are the sort of enthusiast who can appreciate this Oldsmobile 442 for what it really is, a full-blooded muscle car, then try imagining yourself behind the wheel with the convertible top down and your foot on the pedal in the near future.

This great Olds and many other enthusiast vehicles will be sold at Freije & Freije's Upper Midwest Auction on October 15th in Glencoe, MN. To learn more about bidding visit here.

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