The New All-Electric Mini Cooper Family Has Range

2025 mini cooper electric and countryman electric lineup in blue
The New All-Electric Mini Cooper Family Has RangeMINI
  • Mini is taking electrification to a new level for the 2025 model year, as it launches new and competitive electric Cooper plus electric Countryman models.

  • With over 200 miles of range, 250+ horsepower, and EV-specific chassis tuning, Mini says electrification suits its go-kart-like models particularly.

  • Gas-powered versions will remain available, but Mini is putting most of its egg into the electrified basket, including its sustainable production practices.

It's hard not to be charmed when you see a Mini drive by. From the bite-sized silhouette to its eyeball-like headlights and popping colors, it's an undeniably cute car. And that feeling is only enhanced when you get behind the wheel, as it darts around the road at your command.


Mini even has an internal phrase for this phenomenon, calling it Charismatic Simplicity. And its Head of Design, Oliver Heilmer, says that a clear, reduced design language is all that's needed to rope in droves of Mini converts. But it's not enough to just be cute these days. It matters what's going on inside, too.

historic mini cooper lineup in a rainbow of colors all lined up in a photo studio
Quite the model span since 1959 and it seems the Cooper will only get bigger.MINI

Previously, Mini has relied upon a series of forced induction, four-cylinder powerplants to rocket its 3000-4000 pound models around. But the introduction of a futuristic, seemingly metropolitan-ideal electric version of the current generation of Cooper fell on its face. With 110 miles of range, the Mini Cooper SE arguably relied too heavily on city-bound buyers.

But Mini is seemingly good at listening because the new lineup of electrified Mini models looks promising. First up, the revamped Mini Cooper Electric, which is set for release later in 2024.

Built on BMW Group's FAAR platform, the new Cooper is split into two trims—the Cooper E and Cooper SE. Slower than the current Mini Cooper SE, the Cooper E focuses on affordability, with a 40.7-kWh battery providing 184 hp, 214 lb-ft of torque, and a claimed 190 miles of range. That's based on the more lenient European WLTP test cycle, however.

The new Cooper SE has even more impressive statistics. Powered by a 54.2-kWh battery, the Cooper SE boasts 218 hp, 243 lb-ft of torque, and 250 miles of range. And it's not just power that is setting the new electric Minis apart.

2025 mini cooper electric lineup in a white and blue all lined up in a photo studio
A drag co-efficient figure of 0.28 is on par with the VW GTI.MINI

Mini has widened the track and increased the wheelbase length of the Cooper chassis for 2024, allowing for a better stability factor. Additionally, Mini says it reinforced the stabilizer mounts on the axles, diminishing the extra battery weight felt during driving. The standard tire width has also been bumped up to 225 mm with 18-inch wheels.

Embracing its most commonly described auto-journalist adjective, Mini is adding a Go-Kart mode, which adjusts the agility and stability of the chassis setup. On the other hand, a Green mode will also be available, orienting the electric motor toward maximum range through minimized accelerator sensitivity and increased regenerative braking power.

2025 mini cooper electric lineup in ocean blue with white interior
We previously covered the shocking 9.4-inch OLED display and new Mini cabin here.MINI

In the name of battery longevity, charging isn't particularly fast on the Mini Cooper E or Cooper SE. Typically charged via alternating current with 11 kW, direct current charging is set at 75 kW on the Cooper E and 95 kW on the Cooper SE. This allows the battery to be charged from 10% to 80% in just under 30 minutes on either model.

Based on the midsize battery capacity, these range numbers and charging speeds are acceptable, especially for the typical kind of Mini Cooper driver. But sometimes an environment-loving, electrified Mini owner needs more room, more range, and more power. As a Mini devout, what are they to do?

2025 mini cooper countryman electric in light blue with a cream and black interior
With a 106-inch wheelbase, the new Countryman chassis has been stretched by a whole inch.MINI

Well, Mini is answering this very specific, hypothetical question by launching an electric Mini Countryman for the first time ever. We've seen teaser photos of this model before, but Mini has finally pulled the curtain off, and it looks closer to a classic Countryman than expected.

"With the all-electric Mini Countryman, the largest model in the new Mini vehicle family takes the brand into an era of locally emission-free electric mobility. The first Mini to be manufactured in Germany also offers the highest possible level of environmental compatibility in production," said Stefanie Wurst, Head of Mini.

2025 mini cooper countryman electric in light blue with a cream and black interior on photo studio
The new Countryman is the first Mini vehicle with Level 2 semi-automated driving systems.MINI

Offered in four individually designed trims (Essential, Classic, Favored, and John Cooper Works), the Countryman Electric is sold on the same premise as the Cooper, with Countryman E and Countryman SE ALL4 variants. The Countryman E will offer 204 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque, as well as 287 miles of WLTP-certified range.

Mini has yet to reveal the battery size for the Countryman E and Countryman SE ALL4, but the latter clearly packs a bigger punch. With 313 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque sent through all four wheels, the top-end electric Countryman is almost certainly sporting a bigger battery, especially given its barely penalized range of 270 miles.

2025 mini cooper countryman electric in light blue with a brown and blue interior
The contemporary, high-quality Favored Trim is shown here.MINI

Gas versions of the Countryman will remain on sale, specifically the front-wheel-drive Mini Countryman C, Countryman S ALL4, and an all-wheel drive Countryman JCW. Mini also says a diesel version is in the works, though it isn't clear if it will come to the US.

Just like the Cooper, the Countryman is stretched and widened for 2024, but Mini is particularly proud of its steering systems. It shouldn't take much effort to maneuver, Mini says, given its ratio of 55 mm of rack travel per turn of the steering wheel. Adaptive suspension with 15 mm lowering and frequency-selective dampers are also option-able.

2025 mini cooper countryman electric in light blue with a cream and black interior
Up to 51 cubic feet of storage space is available with the rear seats down.MINI

Go-Kart and Green modes are both available on the electric Countryman models, but charging the larger models is a bit different. Alternating current charging happens at 22 kW, but fast charger speeds are set at 130 kW for both models. This provides for a 30-minute charge time from 10% to 80% charged.

The components of the electric Countryman aren't all industry standard, however. That's because a degree of recycled materials are going into these models, with the wheels being produced from 70% secondary aluminum and no rare earth metals needed for the synchronous motors. Additionally, the interior is largely made up of recycled polyester.

All told it seems Mini is committing to 21st-century design and engineering. Mini has always remained a classic brand but hasn't been particularly exciting in these past few years, truth be told. But a resurgence of independently engineered models and a unique product philosophy is sure to help re-energize the BMW-owned brand.

Can Mini compete in an overly crowded segment with the electric Countryman? Or will it split the difference between economy cars and true crossover models? Please share your thoughts below.