Emerson Fittipaldi Will Take Current IndyCar Product Over F1

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Photo credit: James Bearne - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Bearne - Getty Images

The NTT IndyCar Series is now the most entertaining racing series in the world, says Emerson Fittipaldi.

And, yes, that includes Formula 1.

The 74-year-old Brazilian is as qualified as any driver alive to offer an educated opinion on the F1 vs. IndyCar debate, having won two Formula 1 titles, two Indy 500 crowns, and a season title of IndyCar's predecessor CART. He now lives in Italy, where his 14-year-old son, also named Emerson, is making his way up the single-seater ladder.

"It's best when there's a coach between the child and the dad," said Fittipaldi, who is leaving the coaching to someone else. "When dad coaches, that's a problem."

Fittipaldi Jr.'s ultimate destination, however, may not be Formula 1, but IndyCar, which his dad says is his favorite series to watch at present.

"I was talking to (McLaren Racing boss) Zak (Brown) and I said what IndyCar is doing is fantastic and much more exciting to watch than any other form of racing," the elder Fittipaldi said. "It's better than F1. Sometimes the (IndyCar) races are too late for us to watch, but my son goes crazy watching. He loves it.

"At 14 years old, he's going crazy about it."

Photo credit: DeFodi Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: DeFodi Images - Getty Images
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