Has There Ever Been A Perfect Car?

Image: Manuel Carrillo III
Image: Manuel Carrillo III

There have been so many different kinds of car built since the beginning of time. I don’t know how many different cars, but it’s got to be in the dozens, right? With so many options to choose from, there has to have been one that just achieved ultimate perfection. If you had to pick just one car as perfect, nothing you would change, as close to heaven as you can get, what would it be?

Three-thousand pounds, 270 horses, 5 speeds, two seats. Honest to God, what else could you possibly want? I contend that Acura’s original pop-up-headlight NSX is the perfect car experience. It isn’t the fastest or the most or the best at any one thing, and that’s what makes it so good. This is the all-around greatest car ever built, and Acura truly achieved perfection all the way back in 1990. It has been and always will remain the single best driving thing I have ever experienced. The mix of simplicity, driver involvement, tactility, usability, and feel has never been matched.

That’s my nomination, but what about you? What’s your no-holds-barred piece of automotive perfection? Are you more in line with the all-engine-no-nonsense Dodge Viper? Do you prefer the daily driver comfort of a Lexus LS? Is there something that draws you in to the perfectly egg-shaped Ford Aspire 1.3? Whatever it is, there’s got to be a car that you think achieved true greatness. Sound off in the comments below and we’ll compile them later in the week.


I’ve owned a lot of cars, but I’ve never owned perfect. Maybe I should find a way to remedy that sometime soon. Maybe the only thing that isn’t perfect about the NSX these days is the price people charge for them!

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