EVs Are Too Fat

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EVs Are Too Fat
EVs Are Too Fat

The University of Nebraska recently shared scary video of a Rivian truck crashing through a roadside barrier, then smashing into and jumping over cement barriers like some rabid bull. People are understandably frightened by this shocking illustration of what’s being characterized as the insufficient nature of roadside barriers in our nation. We think it actually points out that EVs are fat little porkers and thus present a true safety hazard.

Driver moves road closed sign, promptly drives into hole.

While it’s certainly shocking to see the Rivian rip through the barrier which normally would stop a wayward vehicle, we’re just not all that shocked. After all, these things have been absolute wrecking balls in accidents, including doing serious damage to buildings. Do we need to beef up all edifices near roadways just to ensure Porky the EV doesn’t knock them down?


So why do we need to beef up all the roadway barriers? It’s a fair question and one we really don’t see being asked at the moment. Instead, there are calls to rip out all the barriers that have been effective for years and install new ones. And people think their tax burden is bad right now.

This test conducted at the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility should wake everyone up to the fact those EVs speeding around their town are death traps on wheels. Have one of those slam in you as the driver is too busy tapping on the touchscreen trying to figure out how to defog the windows and it could be curtains for everyone in your car.

The true reason for this test was so the US military can see if their current protection measures against hostile vehicles (read: suicide vehicle attacks) are sufficient against EVs. But people are spinning this as a reason to replace all the guardrails with something better. What do these people think happens when a commercial truck, which can weight many, many times more than the heaviest consumer EVs, slams into one?

As a side note, we find it ironic that some of the same people using this test to claim this shows guardrails are insufficient while ignoring the weight issues associated with EVs have literal panic attacks on social media about how large and heavy full-size pickup trucks are these days. Selective outrage is a real problem.

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