Excited fan records Tesla’s Semi truck in action while delivering for PepsiCo: ‘Love to see this thing in work’

Just like bird-watchers get very excited when they see a rare bird, Tesla fans love to whip out their phones and record footage of a rare Tesla Semi truck on the road.

The latest footage of a Tesla semi truck in action comes via an X (formerly known as Twitter) account aptly named Tesla Cars Online (@tesla_online). “TESLA SEMI TRUCK FOR FRITOLAY ROLLING INTO HARRIS RANCH,” their caption reads.

Previous Tesla Semi trucks spotted in the wild have been blue and branded with the Pepsi logo. To see a yellow and orange one with the logo of Frito-Lay (a subsidiary of Pepsi) — complete with a full-body Chester Cheetah mural on the side of the trailer — makes this a rare Tesla Semi spotting.


“Guess what just literally rolled in right now,” says the person recording the video, as another person on a hoverboard rolls in front of the camera. “The Tesla Semi. Frito-Lay came out. This is awesome. Love to see this thing in work.”

Tesla delivered a fleet of 21 fully electric semi trucks to PepsiCo this year. The semis are being put to work in California and Nevada, but PepsiCo is reportedly happy with their capability — the trucks’ “regenerative braking” technology apparently makes them more viable on difficult terrain — meaning that Tesla watchers may see even more of them in the wild soon.

And the more electric semi trucks replace diesel tractor trailers, the better it is for the planet. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that although medium- and heavy-duty trucks account for only 4% of the vehicles on the road, they consume more than 25% of the total highway fuel and are responsible for 30% of the total heat-trapping gases released on highways.

One person tweeted (translated from French): “Bravo, gogogo want to see it all over the world.”

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