If Your F-150 Needs a Third Axle, Ford Has an Idea

ford f 150 raptor
Ford Patent Hints at a Six-Wheeled F-150Ford
  • The Ford patent shows a bolt-on kit to add an extra rear axle to the Ford F-150 pickup.

  • This second rear axle is designed to handle more payload for the full-size truck.

  • This patent is targeting a non-permanent solution for a tandem rear axle.

It looks like Ford might jump on the growing 6x6 trend. Following in the likes of Hennessey, the folks at Ford could have a solution for those who need a little extra weight distribution for their F-Series pickup. According to a patent filing, Ford is at least toying with the idea of unleashing a kit to add a second rear axle for the F-Series and extend the bed. Oh yeah, and this third axle can also be driven by an electric motor.


Now, it’s worth noting that not all patents become reality. This could just be a move to protect some research and development work by Ford engineers, even though this product might never see space in a Ford dealer accessories catalog or as a box on an order sheet. That’s not to say the idea isn’t kind of genius.

This third axle would obviously need some semblance of suspension to tie it into the F-Series pickup’s frame. The new axles would add an extra set of leaf springs, which would tie into the original main axle and add another set of shock absorbers.

Of course, with the addition of an electric motor, there would also have to be a battery or a way to integrate the motor into the F-Series’ Powerboost PHEV system. There would also have to be a new bed and wheel covering solution.

This concept might never live outside of Ford’s skunkworks. But considering folks like Hennessy offer six-wheeled F-Series, there’s certainly interest in the market.

Do you think Ford will ever add this kit to a catalog or options list? Tell us your thoughts below.