What’s Your Favorite Automotive Video on the Internet?

Photo:  Levon
Photo: Levon

I recently started using TikTok. I know I’m a little late in the game, but hey, it’s been a great time so far. There’s all sorts of wild content on there that can take up hours of your time. However, one thing is missing: really good automotive content. For now, that sort of stuff lives on YouTube, and it got me thinking about today’s question.

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I want to know what your favorite automotive video on the internet is. I mean, there are literally millions to choose from. It could be from your favorite YouTuber. Maybe it’s an old Top Gear bit from before we knew all of these things about Jeremy Clarkson. Hell, it could even be a video uploaded in the early-ish days of YouTube from a person with less than 500 subscribers.

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That’s where my submission for this question comes from. You see, friends, “Porsche vs Mustang NEMESIS!!!!!” is not only the greatest car video on the internet, it’s the greatest video on the internet full stop. Nothing brings more joy to my life than the guy behind the wheel yelling “I will have you, nemesis!” It gets me every single time. It’s got all the makings of a classic YouTube video: it’s under two minutes long, filmed on a potato and it involves screaming. In a word, it’s perfect.

But, that’s just my take. Now it’s your turn. Drop down below and let us know what your favorite automotive video on the internet is. You’ll get bonus points if you tell me why it’s your favorite. I care about how all you lovely people feel. Oh, and you’ll get DOUBLE points if you post a video that I also like, because I care way more about how I feel.

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