The Fiat Topolino Is the Cutest Little EV

fiat topolino ev debut photo
The Fiat Topolino Is the Cutest EV You Can't HaveFiat

The 2024 Fiat 500e is one of the smallest (and cutest) electric vehicles on offer to American customers. That said, the electrified Cinquecento is not the smallest EV that the Italian automaker intends to provide. That’s because the brand just pulled the cover off of the new Fiat Topolino, a 500-inspired version of Stellantis’ popular quadricycle platform.

Fans of the Fiat brand should be familiar with the Topolino name, as it was a nickname given to the early Fiat 500 models. The name translates to baby mouse, which very accurately describes the diminutive footprint of this particular electric runabout. Unlike the Citroen Ami or Opel Rocks-e EVs based on the same platform, the Topolino arrives with unique styling that mirrors that of the brand’s urban icon. In the single image shared by Fiat, we see a front fascia molded to match the 500, complete with round headlights and lower trim mirroring the classic car’s bumper. The doors have been replaced by simple ropes, while the roof is now made of canvas. The dash appears to be wrapped in a nice striped fabric, and even looks to have leather straps tying things together. The seating is also very stylish and minimal. All together this particular example looks more like a Fiat Jolly than a traditional 500, but that’s nothing to get upset about.

classsic fiat 500 near water in italy

Fiat has yet to share any specific metrics about the upcoming Topolino at this time, but there are some straightforward assumptions we can make. It is likely the quadricycle features the same single electric motor and 5.5-kWh battery as the other Stellantis brand offerings. That should provide Topolino buyers with 8 hp and as much as 43 miles of range. Top speed is only 28 mph, however.


There is also no pricing information available for the Topolino quite yet. That said, the mirco EV should be relatively affordable for European customers when it does arrive. These quadricycles are quite popular with young drivers on the Old Continent, thanks in part to laws that allow children as young as 14 behind the wheel of these machines. We shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for more images and details about this latest EV from Stellantis, but it's a shame these things aren’t going to find a way stateside.

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