Finding the Best Pontiacs: Window Shop with Car and Driver

pontiac window shop
Finding the Best Pontiacs: Window Shop with C/DCar and Driver

Window Shop with Car and Driver is back after a long, unintentional hiatus, and we're glad to be once again scouring the internet for used cars and then arguing about them on Zoom. It's all for your amusement—and ours, of course. The usual crew is back, including Road & Track senior editor John Pearley Huffman, senior editor Elana Scherr, contributor Jonathon Ramsey, deputy editor Joey Capparella, and editor-in-chief Tony Quiroga. And the usual nonsense ensues.

After a fake Pontiac ad in the May/June 2024 issue of C/D caused a bit of a stir (some people clearly didn't get the joke), we figured it was high time to do a Pontiac challenge. Our crew then set out to find the best Pontiacs of all time, or was it our favorite Pontiacs of all time? Either way, our choices ran the gamut from 1960s classics to memorable 1980s anniversary editions to...not-so-memorable 2000s V-8 sedans. We debate what makes a Pontiac a true Pontiac and generally have a good time talking about arguably the most beloved of GM's dead brands.

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