First 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda Is For Sale

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But who can afford it?

People understandably get worked up about the ‘Cuda, one of the most iconic American muscle cars from the horsepower wars of the late 60s and early 70s. While even clone cars made using Barracudas can fetch ridiculous amounts these days, you won’t believe how much a dealership has listed the first 1970 Plymouth 426 Hemi ‘Cuda pre-production car for.

Buy this instead of a Dodge Demon 170.

Keep in mind this Mopar is packed with historical significance. Plus, the dealer claims the 17,755 miles showing on the odometer are correct. What’s more, this vehicle is unrestored, only going through one repaint in the original factory color. To back up its claims, the dealer is offering Chrysler Registry Documentation and Galen Govier Certification.

Considering the listing price for this car is $2,200,000 one would hope for that sort of documentation. After all, plunking down a rather large fortune for a ‘Cuda that’s supposed to be a while whale of sorts needs to come with some sort of guarantee it’s not a fake.


Even with the documentation, we understand there are precious few enthusiasts who could afford this car. The likelihood it will end up in the hands of someone who solely sees it as an excellent investment opportunity is sky high. You can’t entirely blame them, what with the state of banks and many investments these days. But it’s still a sad thought.

You’ll note this Hemi ‘Cuda is without a lot of the bravado you see on most. Sure, it comes with the Shaker hood to help show off the 426 underneath, but there’s a lack of graphics and stripes, which were purposely deleted or never applied in the factory. Also missing are hood pins and the factory tac, things we definitely would’ve elected to have included.

Still, with a 4-speed manual, Premium trim, overhead console, and a unique backstory, perhaps this 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda listed by Motor Vault will fetch $2.2 million.

Images via Motor Vault

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