The First Supercar, A Porsche 959 Komfort, Is Selling At Broad Arrow Auctions

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This ultra rare automobile is everything you’d want from a vintage performance package.

You’ve probably heard of quite a few unique cars that have worn the Porsche nameplate over the last few decades. From super cars to SUVs, the brand has sort of made a point of trying their hand in almost every sector of the automotive industry. However, there is one vehicle that almost perfectly encompasses everything that makes a great supercar and the things that made their sports cars popular in the first place. The only thing missing is you behind the wheel.

The vehicle in question is a 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort, a car that you will likely now never forget due to its overarching body lines and strikingly wide stance. From the looks of things it’s set up as a track car but when you look on the inside you’ll see an interior that you certainly wouldn’t expect from a racing vehicle. For some reason, the F40-reminiscent rear wing combined with black leather power adjustable seats just doesn’t work in most cars but this one pulls it off pretty well. All of this is not to take away from the fact that it is, in essence, a pure performance vehicle. That’s more than evidence from the engine.

Sitting behind the rear axle is a 2.8 liter TwinTurbo Turbocharged flat-six engine. It’s a common misconception within the engine building community that smaller displacement engines just can’t make that much horsepower when compared to larger ones, this even applies outside of the typical muscle car fandom. However, this motor is making 600 hp and 559 pound feet of torque which is more than enough to wipe the smirk off of pretty much anyone’s face he tries to race you. Altogether, this is a car that surprises everyone with looks, performance, and just enough comfort to make your ride a very special one.

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