Florida Cop Tries To PIT Dodge Charger, Wrecks Himself Instead

Florida Cop Tries To PIT Dodge Charger, Wrecks Himself Instead
Florida Cop Tries To PIT Dodge Charger, Wrecks Himself Instead

This is why police need more training, not their funding cut.

A lot of people online love to see a good PIT maneuver executed by police, and we understand why. They’re pretty dramatic and exciting to watch. But a lot of people also like to play armchair quarterback and get super critical when cops can’t pull one off correctly on the first try. We imagine they’ll be extra harsh toward this Florida officer who ends up wrecking himself out after repeatedly trying to PIT a fleeing Dodge Charger.

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We don’t have much context for this dashcam footage, just that it happened on May 20 in Pinellas County, Florida. We see a Dodge Charger pull out of a business parking lot at night in front of the officer, but the Mopar’s lights aren’t on. Surely the cop noticed that immediately.


Just seconds later, he flips on his lights and gets behind the Charger, which signals and turns left like nothing’s happening. Unsurprisingly, this suspect keeps driving after making the left turn, although he doesn’t drop the hammer and try ditching the cop.

Blasting this siren, the officer gets on his loudspeaker and directs the suspect to pull over. But the Dodge just keeps driving straight and not very fast. Maybe he’s waiting to see what the cop would do?

The officer keeps pulling up next to the Charger like he’s going to do a PIT, but then he doesn’t swerve at the slowly fleeing car. We’re not sure why he was doing this, but we think it essentially telegraphed the punch. But anyone who has experience even just watching police dashcam videos, let alone running from the cops, already would have a pretty good idea of what was coming.

For some bizarre reason, this suspect kept using his turn signals as he slowly drove along. We’ve seen this kind of behavior before and it always makes us wonder if someone is drunk, high, or just playing games. The officer gets tired of the slow chase and makes his move, trying to PIT the suspect but missing the back end of the Charger by at least a couple of feet. It looks like he might have hit some poles and he definitely sent a trash can flying.

This is why police need more funding and training.