Florida Highway Patrol Crashes Into Fleeing Motorcycle

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Florida Highway Patrol Crashes Into Fleeing Motorcycle
Florida Highway Patrol Crashes Into Fleeing Motorcycle

Everyone knows you don’t mess with Arkansas and even Georgia troopers, but we feel troopers in Florida sometimes are forgotten. They also don’t mess around with fleeing criminals, like when this guy on a sport bike lacking a license plate takes off, leading Florida Highway Patrol on a long, multi-part chase.

Distracted semi driver causes a huge crash.

The guy gets away from the first trooper, but Tampa Police aviation picked him up and relayed his location to law enforcement in the area. That’s when a second FHP trooper caught up with the motorcycle. But the suspect was able to ditch him as well.


After that, a third trooper came across the suspect on his sport bike and yet another chase ensues. FHP just doesn’t give up, something this guy probably wasn’t counting on.

The dashcam footage picks up just as the trooper starts chasing the suspect the third time. At first the rider doesn’t seem to even see the cruiser, but then he twists the throttle and takes off.

Exiting the highway and taking to surface streets, he tries losing the trooper in several turns and narrow streets. But the trooper stays locked on.

The trooper catches up and gets alongside the suspect who uses the maneuverability of the sport bike to take a sudden turn. From there, things get even more intense and the trooper can be heard utter some frustrated exclamations.

After the chase goes on for some time, the suspect starts making some dumb mistakes. He eventually ends up crisscrossing around some highway onramps, allowing a second trooper to catch up and use his cruiser to crash into the motorcycle, ending the chase once and for all. It’s quick, brutal, and effective.

Before anyone says the trooper’s actions were over the top, it was found the rider is a convicted felon and he was in possession of a firearm. So many times guys who ride without a plate are really, truly up to no good. That’s why cops chase them.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube