Florida Man Clocked At Over 100 MPH Was Just Late For Work

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Florida Man Clocked At Over 100 MPH Was Just Late For Work
Florida Man Clocked At Over 100 MPH Was Just Late For Work

If you’re ever running late for work, even if your boss is super unreasonable, we don’t recommend going over 100 mph on the highway. That was the excuse a Florida man used after he was pulled over, reports Fox 35 Orlando, but the deputy didn’t just let him off the hook.

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According to the report, this incident went down on June 19 on US-27 in the Dundee/Winter Haven area. A deputy clocked the suspect, a 22-year-old James Lloyd in a 2015 Ford Mustang, going “well over” 100 mph as he weaved through traffic. If you want to get a cop’s attention, that’ll do it for sure. The speed limit on that stretch of road is apparently just 50 mph.


While the man was driving quite aggressively, he was a little lapdog for the deputy after getting pulled over, reportedly apologizing for speeding. Any attorney worth their salt will tell you to not do that since it’s an open admission of guilt. Unfortunately, this Florida man didn’t have his lawyer on speed dial.

Thankfully, the deputy caught this guy before he caused a big accident which could’ve been fatal. Getting to work on time is never worth anyone’s life. We counsel people who struggle to get to places on time to get up and ready earlier. It’s really not that hard.

The same thing goes for people who try to beat the estimated time on their navigation app constantly. That’s a good way to hurt/kill yourself/someone else or get a nice, fat ticket and maybe even get your ride towed.

Not only did this guy get a nice citation for speeding, Polk County Sheriff’s Office had the Mustang towed and the driver was taken into custody. We bet the guy’s boss was super happy to learn he was going to be really late to work after that.

Image via Polk County Sheriff’s Office

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