Force E Pack Lifts The Fisker Ocean, Gives It Armor And 33s

A photo of the Fisker Ocean E Force electric SUV.
A photo of the Fisker Ocean E Force electric SUV.

E that looks proper.

Fisker finally started delivering its Ocean electric SUV to buyers in America earlier this year. The brand’s first electric SUV promises a bougie interior, a range of up to 360 miles, and a whole heap of futuristic tech. But if you’re the kind of driver that wants their all-electric family hauler to come with a bit more grunt, then Fisker might finally have the car for you.

While we still await the upcoming Fisker electric pickup, the EV maker has taken its Ocean SUV and given it a few rugged upgrades to make it ready for everything the world might throw at it. Called the Fisker Ocean Force E, the upgraded model comes with a few flourishes that you might want if you’re planning to hit the trails without a trace.


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When it’s all fitted onto the Ocean, it looks pretty slick – especially with the vibrant orange decals that Fisker fitted to this show car.

In a statement, chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said: “Force E is our effort to bring zero-emissions to the off-roading world, so that people who love the outdoors can experience it in a more sustainable way and without the negatives associated with the internal combustion vehicles that have dominated the segment for decades.”

A photo of the Fisker Ocean SUV at night.
A photo of the Fisker Ocean SUV at night.

An E Force to be reckoned with.

What do you think, do the updates go far enough for you to consider risking a near $70,000 EV out to the trails? Or, would you rather stick with something with even more grunt?

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