Ford Blue Oval Logo Has Changed as F-150 Debuts a Simpler Version

2024 ford f 150 stx
Ford Debuts Revised, Simplified Blue Oval LogoFord
  • Ford's latest iteration of the F-150 arrives with a new version of the classic Blue Oval logo adorning its grille.

  • The logo now features white accents in place of chrome, and the inner oval border is gone, allowing the "Ford" script to be enlarged.

  • The F-150 is the first vehicle to sport the new emblem, which should roll out across the lineup over the next couple of years.

Ford just unveiled a refreshed version of its popular F-150 pickup for the 2024 model year. Among the changes, Ford subtly introduced a redesigned version of the iconic Blue Oval logo on the restyled truck.

The new emblem is simpler than before, with Ford removing the thin silver oval outline that sat inside the badge. The "Ford" script has now grown bigger to fill the space. The chrome border around the outside and the script are now finished in white, giving a slightly retro appearance. The updated logo also looks more two-dimensional than before.

2024 ford f 150 lariat

Strangely, Ford didn't mention the new logo anywhere in its press materials for the new F-150, and we aren't aware of the revised Blue Oval appearing on any previous Ford models. At a media event for the 2024 F-150, Ford's senior designer for colors and materials, Rob Brancheau, confirmed to Car and Driver that the logo is in fact new. We're not sure exactly when the new logo will make its appearance across the rest of the Ford lineup, but we imagine it will arrive as other models undergo facelifts or generation change-overs.


Along with the new badge, the 2024 F-150 wears revised styling, features two standard 12-inch screens and an optional head-up display inside, and comes loaded with new tech features, from the upgraded BlueCruise hands-free driving system to a new tailgate with an independently opening central door. Sales kick off early next year.

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