2015 Ford Truck F-250 SD Crew Cab 4X4

Up to 0 MPG city / 0 MPG hwy
$37,440 - $54,710
10 Available Trims
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Reviews and Ratings
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Power - ability to tow my travel trailer with ease Gas mileage awful, even when being very careful.
The engine uses less fuel then old trucks Passenger and driver's door windows rattle
The driving comfort & ability to see forward over cars. 3 blinks for passing is not enough for standard lane change
Nav system - easy to use and gives good directions Only 2 cup holders, none in door.
Handling: it's fantastic, love to drive it Center console, not enough capacity.
Braking is really good when stopping with a load Warranty - only 36,000 miles bumper to bumper
Handling: has the best ever ride for a 3/ 4 ton Fuel tank capacity: had to get an after market large one.
Handles very well in all conditions currently Ride smoothness when bed is empty
Tail gate with step and post, great Down shift is too hard when pulling trailer
Diesel engine mpg, power, quietness of motor Head lights, poorest darkest light ever. had to upgrade to hid