Forgotten Fury: 1970 Dodge Super Bee's Unearthed Oddity Nestled in a Farm Field

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Nestled in a Farm Field, A Junkyard Rescue Gets a Second Act, Complete with a Quirky Feature.

Nestled in a Farm Field, A Junkyard Rescue Gets a Second Act, Complete with a Quirky Feature.

Junkyards are often the final resting places for cars that once roared and rumbled. It's a car lover's bittersweet playground, where nostalgia comes tinged with rust and abandonment. But every so often, amidst the scrap metal and decaying relics, something extraordinary emerges. Enter the 1970 Dodge Super Bee, a car that seems almost paradoxical in its present state—unexceptional yet utterly unique.


This Super Bee isn't the rarest of its kind, nor is it a dragster, but it boasts an eyebrow-raising feature—a radically modified front clip that tilts forward for better under-hood access. Typically found in the world of racing, this peculiar modification is a jarring contrast to the car's otherwise stock appearance. Vinyl top? Check. Production wheels? Check. Racing modifications? Absolutely not. It's as if someone infused this muscle car with a dash of contrarian engineering.

However, don't let this intriguing characteristic distract you from the car's backstory. Extracted from a junkyard years ago, the Super Bee looks like a character from a dystopian muscle-car novel. Rust scars its panels, and decades under the open sky have taken their toll. Missing are the engine, front grille, and bumper. It's a project car that almost seems like a blank canvas, begging for a painter to give it life again.

But here's where the narrative takes a turn for the hopeful. According to the host from YouTube's "Auto Archaeology," who documented this mechanical wonder, the Super Bee is a factory "Six-Pack" model. It originally housed a six-barrel 440-cubic-inch RB big-block engine, delivering a robust 390 horsepower. Chrysler only churned out 1,268 of these V-code 440 "Six-Pack" variants in 1970, making up a meager 8% of the Super Bee's total production that year.

Not too shabby for a car that's been sitting on the fringes, one could argue.

There's even more good news. This Super Bee is slated for a revival. Owned by a restoration shop, it's one of several vehicles scheduled for a comeback. While it's still unclear whether the car's quirky front-clip modification will stay or go, the fact that it's being saved at all is a win for car lovers everywhere.

The farm field in question is a treasure trove of muscle car history, featuring everything from Challengers to Plymouth Road Runners, each with its own story waiting to be retold. In a world where forgotten cars often remain lost, this 1970 Dodge Super Bee stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the unexpected, waiting for its second act in the limelight.

So, if you ever find yourself rummaging through a junkyard, keep your eyes peeled. You never know when you'll stumble upon an unsung automotive hero, complete with its own curious twist.

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