Georgia Chief Deputy Pulled Over Doing 96 In 35 MPH Zone

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Georgia Chief Deputy Pulled Over Doing 96 In 35 MPH Zone
Georgia Chief Deputy Pulled Over Doing 96 In 35 MPH Zone

Dashcam and bodycam footage from a Henry County, Georgia police officer pulling over Henry County Sheriff Chief Deputy Michael Yarbrough is causing some big waves. The officer used a laser to clock Yarbrough allegedly going 96 mph in a 35 zone, something which would probably get you a quick trip to jail and your car impounded. Instead, Yarbrough was let go with a citation and a court date.

This kid seems pretty happy after destroying his vehicle during a police chase.

In the video, we see the officer pull over an unmarked Dodge Charger. As soon as he walks up to the window he recognizes Yarbrough, exclaiming, “Really?” Even though the chief deputy was reportedly on duty, he didn’t bother to turn on his lights while blasting down the road.

A lot of people have a problem with law enforcement officers who blast down the road not when they’re responding to an emergency, with their lights and sirens going as a warning, but just because they can. There was another recent incident in the Orlando, Florida area where a sheriff’s deputy pulled over a police officer who was speeding on his way to work in a marked patrol car. That incident also got people worked up and understandably so since the officer just drove away from the traffic stop.


In the case of Chief Deputy Michael Yarbrough there are more consequences than a simple citation. While he reportedly only received a warning and even dodged the punishment reserved for so-called “super speeders” under Georgia law, which tacks $200 onto the citation, multiple local news reports say Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett suspended Yarbrough for 40 hours without pay. That’s probably a stiffer punishment than the citation by a long shot.

Also, it remains to be seen what the judge will say and do when Yarbrough appears in court.

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