Georgia Gang Broke Into Over 400 Cars

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Georgia Gang Broke Into Over 400 Cars
Georgia Gang Broke Into Over 400 Cars

Maybe keep your doors locked?

One of the easiest schemes undertaken mostly by kids these days is going around neighborhoods in the middle of the night, checking car doors to see if any are unlocked. It astounds us how many people don’t lock their vehicles, especially at night, and thieves are taking advantage. That might be how one group in Georgia was able to get into over 400 cars in Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta over the summer.

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According to Gwinnett County Police, 22-year-old Javaris Gamble has been arrested along with help from the US Marshals, Forest Park Police, and Clayton County Police after he was singled out as the leader of this theft ring. He was apprehended on August 31 and is facing charges related to 30 Entering Auto and Motor Vehicle Theft crimes, although police say there are hundreds more.


Not only did this gang or theft ring get into over 400 cars, they also stole at least 15 during their spree which started in May. Gamble is spending his time in jail while authorities are building an even bigger case against him. We would expect more arrests are coming soon.

A surprising of people who have keyless entry and push button ignition just drop their key fob in the cupholder or center console and just leave it there. We can’t tell you how many thefts of even high-end vehicles parked in gated communities we’ve covered where that was the case – it just blows our minds.

Thieves know how lazy or forgetful people can be and they absolutely will take advantage. If your car is parked outside and it’s unlocked, they’ll rummage around for anything of value. And if you leave the fob inside, they’ll try the ignition button to see if it starts.

While it definitely feels like minimum effort, police in different areas keep trying to remind people to lock their car doors and not leave the fob inside. So here’s another reminder to lock your car, especially at night.