Georgia Mayor Wants To Penalize Owners Who Leave Unsecured Guns In Their Cars

News anchors talking about the gun theft issue
News anchors talking about the gun theft issue

So far this year, about 1,200 guns have been stolen out of cars in Atlanta. But despite what suburbanites outside the perimeter may tell themselves, that’s not just an Atlanta problem. It’s a problem throughout the entire state. According to WSB-TV, about 14,000 guns are stolen in Georgia every year. And the mayor of Savannah is so sick of it that they’re ready to introduce a new ordinance that targets irresponsible gun owners who leave them in their cars unsecured.

“It is an opportunity to decrease the thefts [and the] illegal firearms. The shootings also, we believe, will decrease as well,” Savannah Mayor Van Johnson told the Savannah Morning News.

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Even if you don’t live in Georgia, we’d argue he’s still correct. You shouldn’t be leaving guns in your cars, but if you insist on having a driving gun to go along with your shopping gun, office gun, living room gun, kitchen gun, and bedroom guns, at the very least, just lock your car and keep it out of sight. Please?

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