Georgia Transit Bus Hijacking Turns Fatal

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Georgia Transit Bus Hijacking Turns Fatal
Georgia Transit Bus Hijacking Turns Fatal

As car enthusiasts, we run fairly often into people who want to tell us how horrible our hobby is. Many times, these individuals make a big deal about how public transit is superior for whatever reason they want. But after watching a Gwinnett County Transit bus was hijacked in the Atlanta area, we yet again aren’t horribly excited about commuting on such things.

This is why you don’t run red lights.

For some people, in particular lower-income individuals, a bus or train might be a more affordable and thus more practical means of getting to their place of employment. And that’s what’s even more horrible about this situation. The man who hijacked the bus terrorized people who were already struggling to make ends meet.


According to Atlanta Police, 17 people were on the bus at the time of the hijacking, which included the driver. One of them died of injuries believed to be from a gunshot wound. That’s not the outcome anyone wants in this type of situation.

As a result, 39-year-old Joseph Grier has been charged with murder.

The hijacking was precipitated by an argument between Grier and another passenger on the bus, reports Fox 5. As things became physical, the other passenger pulled a gun on Grier, who was able to disarm the other person. He then used the firearm to threaten other passengers before shooting the person he originally was fighting with.

It can be assumed the person who died was the one who originally had the gun. It’s an ironic twist and emphasizes that if you’re going to carry a weapon for self-defense you should be properly trained on its use, especially in emergency situations.

That’s when Grier reportedly hijacked the bus, making the driver flee at high speeds under the threat of being shot as well.

During the ensuing police chase, the bus repeatedly smashed into cars, pushing them out of the way, including some police cruisers. Eventually, police from multiple agencies were able to get Stop Sticks deployed, blowing out the tires on the bus.

Eventually, the chase came to a relatively peaceful close. But DeKalb Police took no chances, deploying the SWAT team, which used a Bearcat to keep the bus from fleeing again.

Grier has been arrested 19 times, including for some firearm violations, says Atlanta Police Chief Schierbaum. Fox 5 uncovered the man has been in and out of prison for assault more than once and child molestation. These are the people you might be sitting next to on the bus or train. Sadly, not only is public transit popular with low-income individuals, it’s often used by those with serious criminal records.

And this is one of many reasons why we prefer driving our private car.

Image via Fox 5 Atlanta/YouTube