Germans Cheer With Glee As Supercars Are Impounded

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Germans Cheer With Glee As Supercars Are Impounded
Germans Cheer With Glee As Supercars Are Impounded

An incident in Berlin involving a red Ferrari 488 Spyder and turquoise Lamborghini Huracan being loaded onto wreckers on the same day caused quite the stir on social media. Berlin police posted images of both supercars suspended mid-air by the wrecker’s crane before the Italian beauties were finally loaded. Plenty of Germans and others flooded the comments section to let everyone know their disdain for anyone who owned such machines.

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Ah, class warfare, one of the most universal things about human existence. In today’s society, few things bring it out quite like a supercar owner getting nabbed for breaking the law. While fans of such automotive beauties might watch in horror as careless tow truck drivers load up vehicles which are worth more than most houses, those who are envious of such trappings mock, jeer, and applaud.


According to police, these two drivers violated the law in Berlin twice over. A bicycle patrol noticed both were parked in restricted areas. They were also parked within give meters of an intersection, a big no-no since that obstructs others’ view of cross traffic.

Undoubtedly, police posted the photos to Twitter to act as a warning against any other scofflaws who might seek to violate parking laws in Berlin. They knew seeing two expensive supercars dangling in the air like a bovines being airlifted from one location to another would pique interest, although from the comments it seems people weren’t talking about the law.

For what it’s worth, the owners of the Ferrari and Lamborghini no doubt got their supercars back quickly and with relatively little financial discomfort. This is probably why the rabble on Twitter took to mocking the unnamed owners so viciously while they could. After all, they might work for these people, rent an apartment from them, or otherwise be beholden to the anonymous parking violators. The Twitter mocking might have been their only chance to feel like they had an upper hand in life so they took it and did so with glee.