Guy Mouths Off To A Trooper Who Just Loses It

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Guy Mouths Off To A Trooper Who Just Loses It
Guy Mouths Off To A Trooper Who Just Loses It

Cops, just like everyone else, have their good and bad days. Apparently, this Connecticut trooper was suffering a really bad case of the Mondays when he pulled over a guy for speeding, because he just goes ham in the dashcam footage.

Does this Florida trooper go too far?

It all starts with the trooper following a Ford Fusion that was apparently speeding and definitely making lane changes without signaling, even with the trooper right behind. As the trooper is behind that suspect, likely running the plates, he suddenly makes a beeline to the right lane where a Scion tC is rocketing on by.


Pulling that car over instead, what ensues is like something out of the first act of Full Metal Jacket. This trooper could and maybe was a drill sergeant. The problem is the driver starts the interaction by mouthing off about how the trooper was speeding, like that excuses his infraction.

From there the trooper just explodes, hurls all kinds of insults at the guy, orders him out of the car, and starts finding anything to add to his speeding citation. Maybe the trooper’s dog died or his wife left him for the mailman the night before, but something is definitely wrong with the guy. And while it’s hilarious in a way to watch, we certainly wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end.

People are split on whether or not the trooper was out of line. He’s downright belligerent during the stop and seems to show little self-control. While this situation doesn’t turn out horribly, that kind of approach could result in an escalated and downright deadly scenario with the wrong suspect.

Watch the video and tell us if you think the trooper is out of line (warning: lots of language).

Image via World Wide Police Insight/YouTube

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