Guy Slaps An Airstream On The Back Of A Big Rig

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Guy Slaps An Airstream On The Back Of A Big Rig
Guy Slaps An Airstream On The Back Of A Big Rig

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy builds, from a Dodge Viper turned into an off-roader to a go kart powered by a Hayabusa engine. It takes a lot of make us go wow, but this guy did just that when he crossed an old Kenworth big rig with an Airstream camper trailer. The end result is just genius.

You can get a classic Land Rover Defender with an LT4 swap.

In the video tour of this build, the guy says the old Kenworth he bought had to be modified so it was ready to take out on the open road. That meant finding a donor truck and stripping parts. He made many other changes, massaging this build over time, including connecting the cab and the camper so it’s licensed as an RV, not a commercial truck.

Image via TheBostonTrucker/YouTube
Image via TheBostonTrucker/YouTube

He added a diesel generator to run all the camper features, making it a pleasant place to stay wherever the road takes him. In case he runs into trouble, the guy rigged up a slide-out toolbox with what he claims are hundreds of pounds of tools, the whole thing blending in with the fuel tanks on the side.


Other storage compartments allow him to stash all kinds of stuff, including a large inflatable pontoon boat. It’s amazing the genius fabrications people come up with, which is what we love most about seeing these kinds of builds.

The Cummins KTTA diesel engine sports some monster turbos. The owner says it produces somewhere around 1,000-horsepower. We think that’s probably more than sufficient.

This here is true American ingenuity, the type which the European mind cannot conceive nor understand. It’s a far cry from a Volkswagen camper van with a pop-up roof. Instead of being small and practical, this build is large and in charge.

Anyone who asks why this guy built this contraption just doesn’t get it. Why do people build all kinds of crazy vehicles? Because they can and it’s fun – that’s why.

Images via TheBostonTrucker/YouTube